What Truckers Wish You Knew
Trucker Tips

Truckers from across the USA share their safety tips. #Truckers4Safety

Always be aware of your surroundings! Never follow too close.


Franklin Baldwin
  Learn and use the Smith System
Aim High In Steering. Look at least 15 into your future, not just at the vehicle in front of you.
Get the Big Picture. Look for hazards. …
Keep Your Eyes Moving. Don’t stare. …
Leave Yourself an Out. Monitor the space cushion around you.
Make Sure They See You. Use your signals.


Kathy Snyder
  I wish the average driver and truck driver alike knew that when a truck driver opens up their following distance, that doesn’t mean you should jump in between the two vehicles. I try to maintain a safe following distance at all times not only to give myself an out but to have time to react to and given situation ahead.
Also, if you are going to pass a big rig, go on and pass. Stop just hanging right at the driver’s door or our blind spots.

Marilyn Wynn
  I haul a tank. Please just don’t jump in from of the truck and just stop in our lane just because there is a gap in the traffic. With the surge of our loads it make it hard for the driver to get stopped. Be aware of the space you give us.


LeKendrick Garrett
I want the average driver to understand turning on their headlights isn’t always for them to see the road. Turning your headlights on allows truck drivers and other motorists to see you coming. It may be close to dark or a rainy or even foggy day, which prevents motorists and especially truck drivers to see you coming up beside them or in front of them. Turning on your headlights helps other see you coming. Turning on your headlights can save yours and others lives and prevent accidents.



Donna Stewart

Ever wonder why there is “NO PARKING FROM HERE TO CORNER”? Truckers gotta turn, man!

Devin, Arkansas
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