What Truckers Wish You Knew
Trucker Tips

Truckers from across the USA share their safety tips. #Truckers4Safety

Use safety cones when parking to avoid being hit!


Curtis M. Durben

Don’t text and drive. It will eventually kill you.


Mark Ashley

Don’t trust your air gates.

After connecting airlines to headbands, set tractor brake and physically feel around gland hands for air leaks


No matter what your driver manager says … if you’re tired go to bed … it’s easier to explain a late load then to explain an accident. …


John Flowers

In icy conditions, rub WD40 on wiper arms to prevent ice build up, works great on headlights too


Thomas Fodaro Jr

Turn off your bright lights at night when passing a big truck . The magnification in a trucks side mirrors is very blinding and distracting. It’s amazing how many cars and big trucks i see every night running with bright lights on .

Art York

Take your time and be patient. Flatbed drivers throw the extra securement. Slow down and read the signs get out and look when backing. Patients and common sense will get you a long way. Be safe and God bless!


Dalton Smothers

If you can’t respect my life at least respect your own…DON’T BRAKE CHECK A TRUCK!

Candace Morley

Anticipate what other drivers are going to do before they do it. You always have to be aware of what’s driving around you at all times. Keep looking at least a quarter mile ahead not just at the taillights in front of you.


Adam Atkinson

When getting unloaded on the side of the road never turn your back on traffic, and always wear a safety vest.


Noe Payton