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Trucker Tips

Truckers from across the USA share their safety tips. #Truckers4Safety

Always stay 4o ft from the truck in front of you….and keep your eyes in the mirrors at all times


Cesar ulises Rodriguez

When broken down on the side of the road, exit your vehicle from the passenger side if you can. Exiting this way will prevent you from exiting the cab into traffic.


Clark W. Reed
A Shortcut is the fastest way to a accident !!


Ken Ames

I could probably write a book on this subject, but here’s a little…

The are generally 2 instances when an accident may happen:

1- When in a hurry
2- When tired

Definitely when both occur at the same time.

Many times as a delivery driver I’ve been the last to leave dispatch & the first to get back because I’ve found it’s always best to completely map my route so I know where I’m going and how to get there safely with a clear mind.

Drive within the speed limit always & leave the real speed for on-site work.


Mike Cain

When truck drivers are driving on the road always aim high in steering the wheel. Always keep away out of danger on the road don’t follow to close, look far ahead as your eyes allow you to have you exit so that you can maintain your truck in case of an instant stop from another vehicle. Become aware of what is around you and pay attention to how the next person is driving. Beware if the person beside u is driving safe or unsafe

Hope Davis
I have been driving trucks now for 20 years and learned alot on our highways…
First and foremost is always do a thorough PRE-TRIP INSPECTION..Ive seen drivers wake up at truck stop and not even check there tires..IF YOU DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR LIFE PLEASE BE AWARE THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF OTHERS OUT HERE WITH FAMILIES THAT LOVE US SAME AS YOU ,and make sure load is secure for those who drive flatbeds always check your mirrors for loose straps dangling in the wind or a loose tarp also every time we stop we should check our straps and tires…
Always when driving be aware of your surroundings at all times not just whats infront of you but i always look as far ahead as i can see and just try and be aware of whats goin on up ahead as well as behind,i am constantly looking in my mirrors watching my trailer..I always say im not only operating a tractor but the trailer is more important .If we get distracted for a sec while entering a bend in hway the trailor may swing accross lane …..


Robert Graf

Following distance is everything. Don’t take someone’s suggestion that you shouldn’t follow close behind another driver as an attack on your skills. You don’t know what the vehicle in front will do. Seriously, we’ve all seen all the crazy drivers out there. Being close means there’s no chance to stop or get out of the way. Besides, why would you want to be that close to those crazy people?


Ken Moore

When passing another vehicle do not move over until you can see BOTH headlights in your BIG mirror.


Bonnie Pearson

Stay out of big trucks blind spots. Before passing a big rig make eye contact with the driver in thier mirrors . If you cant see them then they can not see you.


Rhonda luce
Stay focused on safety and avoid distractions! Drivers should avoid distractions such as texting or operating any electronic devices while driving. Drivers sometimes become overconfident and begin to lose focus, they often will eat, drink, read ( I have seen drivers reading books), adjust the radio or gps, play”air instruments”, and day dream to pass the time. It is important to always remain focused on safely operating your rig, eliminating all distractions especially at night and in adverse weather and road conditions for your safety and those around you!



Xavier Robinson