What Truckers Wish You Knew
Trucker Tips

Truckers from across the USA share their safety tips. #Truckers4Safety

Always do a pull test if you park, especially at truck stops. Truckers get upset and pull the pin.


Marquis Tillman
I keep my roadhandler kit in my truck it has everything including fix a flat,blanket,gloves,flashlight a bright glowing neon vest,tie straps ,duct tape and a pair of jumping cables i also keep a bottle water and a protein bar in my truck also if you ever break down move off the road and once clear get to the highest point of land maybe a hill just incase someone isnt paying attention and hits the Vehical i also keep a backup solar power flashlight under the seat.


Ej Bognear

Stay out of my blind side even though I have mirrors you are smaller and could get missed


Laurie Forrest

Always do a detailed pretrip, check hoses for leaks or cracks, check steering components, tires, fluids, oil, airlines, wiper blades, mirrors, lights,brakes, gauges and have a safe enjoyable trip, thanks for the opportunity!


Billy Prince

Get plenty of rest when you get the chance! Safety comes first!


Britta Lawson

My instructor at truck school told me one thing that has really stuck with me… drive like an old man. Dont be in a hurry, look like you are trying to see through 2 inch thick glasses and let the fools speed by you on the left. You are bigger and slower than everyone else, take your time.


Jason Prodoehl
Most of all, ALWAYS keep a good distance whether your in back of us or passing us. Always assume we are 80,000 lbs. Also pass or follow but never stay beside us. A tire blow out can cause damage or injury to those who are too close.


Rik Reichert

Pay attention and do not drive fatigued. Leave in enough time so you do not have to rush. Following distance is so important. If every driver would remember during rush hour that the space they see is not an opening for them to jump in and out of traffic. During busy traffic hours if everyone would have more patients and stop trying to pass the next vehicle we would be able to travel so much smoother. If I could tell regular drivers one thing it would be that a truck cannot stop as fast as a car, so please stop risking your life by cutting them off. I see this everyday and everyday I see an accident.



Stay off your phone if possible but never text or hold your phone while driving and download a voice activated app on your phone like Google assist in case a call comes in you can’t ignore


Michael Simien

Lane changes: Turn on turn signal well in advance of lane changes. Allow other drivers to see your intention. Count off at least 5 clicks of signal and gradually begin shifting lanes, after visually checking lane at least 3 times. We have to overcompensate for other drivers to keep everyone safe.


Judy Byerly