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Trucker Tips

Truckers from across the USA share their safety tips. #Truckers4Safety

  I have driven big truck 25 years accident free. My best safety tip is to always leave space between your rig and cars, never be in a big rush. Try to have patience and remember most people never think twice about the stupid things they do in traffic, so as a professional driver you must be expecting others to do dangerous maneuvers and be ready to react. I also try to remember the people in other vehicles are someone’s family and it gives me extra patience, I hope someone will do the same for my family.

Gina McClelland

When hauling flat steel on flatbed trailers, use 2 chains and binders criss-crossed on the front and back of the load. This prevents forward movement in the event of a hard braking event or rearward movement in case of a steep climb.

Use additional 4 inch straps and strap protectors across the load to prevent any side movement.


John C. Harvey

Look ahead as far as you can see, check your mirrors,stay off the phone



I’d like to remind all driver of the five keys;

  • Aim High In Steering. Look at least 15 seconds into your future, not just at the vehicle in front of you.
  • Get the Big Picture. Look for hazards. …
  • Keep Your Eyes Moving. Don’t stare. …
  • Leave Yourself an Out. Monitor the space cushion around you.
  • Make Sure They See You. Use your signals.

We all know them all too well that I even finding myself being complasant at times, if we remember to self observe we can all make it home safe and sound.


Juan Valladares

Enjoy and respect the road,be alert be safe.



Learn to read the Road! Whatever the conditions are, city or highway,day or night, keeping your distance, leaving yourself an out.


Frank Smentowski

When people renew their drivers license they should have to take a general knowledge written test to make them keep up with the knowledge of the rules and regulations. The written test would have questions about vehicle safety as well as safety guidelines when driving around truck traffic and knowledge about following distance as well.


Terry Pearson

Always plan your trip ahead.


Dont rely on GPS


Dont text and drive. Stay off your cell phone.


Use turn signals before changing lanes or exiting the highway


Use emergency flashers if your own on the shoulder.


Move over for vehicles/semi on shoulder


Slow down in road construction. Always beware of construction signs, and lane closures.

Watch for road workers, barrels, entering/exiting road crew, and debris


Always keep headlights on during weather conditions such as rain, fog, and snow.


Susan Couch

Pre-trip inspection is a MUST! Do not make short cuts to your trips by leaving off your pretrip. It is very unsafe in so many ways to not inspect your truck and trailer before you start your day. A loose mudflap may fall off on the highway and can cause a lot of damage and accidents. Low tires on your truck or trailer can also cause big issues. Not having working lights or having muddy reflectors that don’t reflect are both major issues for other drivers on the road with you. Pretripping your truck only takes a few minutes but can mean saving you or other drivers from accidents or damage.


Donna Stewart

When placarding a hazardous load, use a lit placard frame! Better visibility in lolet settings!


Pat Nimtz
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